Salverņ Healthcare provides assessment, treatment and holistic services for adults with learning disabilities and/or with enduring mental illness. Service Users admitted to the service may also have a forensic history, a history of complex needs or a confirmed diagnosis of acquired brain injury. We also accept those Service Users detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 i.e., Section 37, 37/41 or those on CTO.


Assessment Phases
Pre-Admission Assessment

  • Objective baseline assessment using agreed tools and methods
  • Multi-professional process provides a standard report to referrer
  • Determines Service Users suitability and agrees the initial package of care

Initial Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment of needs by Multi-professional Clinical Team
  • Rehabilitation Package and Risk Assessments formulated using evidence-based tools and methods

Rehabilitation and Treatment

  • Rehabilitation package to meet individual needs of Service Users including cognitive, behavioural, emotional, social, educational and vocational needs
  • All the Service Users' clinical care is coordinated through the full implementation of Care Programme Approach (CPA).

Robust evidence-base of Service User progress with major reviews at least 6 monthly


Healthcare is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our Service Users...
At Salverņ Healthcare, we are committed to help people with complex mental health issues and learning disability to gain control of their lives...