Learning Disability


The term, ‘learning disability’ refers to a significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning, with onset in the first 18 years of life. People with learning disability have limited understanding of the world around and display significant impairment of independent functions. They have high incidence of mental health illnesses, epilepsy, dementias and physical health co morbidities. They have difficulty in communication and are quite vulnerable to various forms of exploitations.

Our specialist Learning Disability service is designed for people with mild, moderate, severe or borderline learning disabilities, challenging behaviours, and a co-morbid mental health disorders-Dual Diagnosis, who may have a forensic history and autism spectrum disorder.

We aim to provide time limited, usually 12-18 months, evidence based therapeutic programs with a view to help our service users moving on to less restrictive and more independent placements, and hence reduce the need for more expensive placement options. By doing so we help in the reduction of a range of challenging behaviours like severe self-harm, fire setting, sexual offending and assaults etc.


Healthcare is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our Service Users...
At Salverņ Healthcare, we are committed to help people with complex mental health issues and learning disability to gain control of their lives...