Clinical Governance

Through the process of Clinical Governance, Salverņ Healthcare continuously improves the quality of its services by safeguarding high standards of care and creating an environment in which clinical excellence flourishes. It remains our ongoing commitment to focus on the individual values and opinions of Service Users and to incorporate 'gold standards' in our service provision which we underpin with the best available evidence.

Our Clinical Governance team of senior clinicians/professionals/managers have extensive experience in the public and private sectors. Together at Salverņ Healthcare, we have created a safe, efficient service whilst working with Service Users, their families and friends and other professional agencies to develop a long-term, progressive and durable individualised care pathway.

Furthermore, our robust Clinical Audit tool is designed to ensure a high-quality improvement process. Through this, Salverņ Healthcare seeks to enhance Service User care and outcomes utilizing our thorough, systematic review of our holistic care against clearly defined criteria and outcomes. We place the best interests of our Service Users at the centre of our progressive approach towards quality improvement and the implementation of change.

We pride in following the six pillars of Clinical governance to be accountable for continually improving the quality of our services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care flourishes.


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