Salverņ Healthcare is developed by a group of dedicated, highly experienced accomplished professionals and clinicians who have vast experience of working both in the NHS as well as private healthcare sectors in the fields of mental health and learning disability, and understand fully how best to develop and provide a high quality and efficient service with progressive and sustainable positive outcomes within the monetary bounds.

The founders of Salverņ Healthcare are deeply committed to provide a superior quality service which excels in delivering the best therapeutic care within the bounds of safe, ethical and professional standards, upholding the best evidence based practice in a holistic manner while keeping the service user at the centre of each and every decision with ethos of respect, dignity and choice as its cornerstone; the approach taken is need led, person centred and on recovery and discharge back to the community basis through active, reactive and proactive strategies thriving on robust clinical treatments and rehabilitation focus and programmes.

While developing our services, Salverņ Healthcare embarked upon an extensive research journey to understand the areas of unmet needs and/or insufficient supply of quality services in the local and regional areas. Discussing with the local stake holders including consultations with local and regional health & social services i.e., NHS, PCT’S and other agencies, Salverņ Healthcare has been able to understand the local needs and demands and is ready to provide services to help local population get the best service at their door steps.

Salverņ Healthcare is pleased to offer custom-made, evidence based and individually tailored flexible therapeutic packages for commissioners and care managers to consider in creative commissioning in this atmosphere of austerity and savings. We are ready to share risks with our services purchasers and help them save significant amount of financial resource.


Healthcare is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our Service Users...
At Salverņ Healthcare, we are committed to help people with complex mental health issues and learning disability to gain control of their lives...