We strive to facilitate and enhance improvements in intellectual, emotional, behavioural, social, linguistic and other areas of psychological functioning and help minimise symptoms and sufferings of psychiatric disorders. We focus to maximise communication between our service, service users, families and carers, referrers, and all other support agencies involved including primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare, education, social services and the voluntary or private sector.



Our carefully crafted therapeutic interventions include

  • Comprehensive Assessment of needs/risks with a view to purify and clarify diagnosis and mental health needs and risks
  • Communication enhancing strategies through Speech & language Therapy input i.e., Makaton etc
  • Formulation of challenging/target behaviours in a holistic manner
  • Psychological and behavioural therapies i.e., Cognitive behavioural and other psychotherapeutic treatments
  • Sensory processing/Integration Disorders Strategies
  • Other interventions, including family and systemic work
  • Evaluation of prescribed medication and continuous medical input
  • Health Action Plan to address issues related to Physical health, mobility, healthy life styles
  • Focus on Epilepsy treatment and management
  • Placement assessment to promote moving on in life
  • Robust Risk assessment and management plans
  • Regular Occupational therapy input, therapies and adult education


Healthcare is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our Service Users...
At Salverņ Healthcare, we are committed to help people with complex mental health issues and learning disability to gain control of their lives...