We believe in continuously training and developing our staff and increasing their knowledge, experience and clinical acumen through regular training, audits, supervisions and appraisals. Through regular and structured teaching and training programs from our Teaching and Training resource, we impart most up to date clinical evidence to our staff members through carefully designed in house Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Person development (PDP) programs. We encourage and promote our staff to continuously improve their skills and enhance their careers. All staff will have regular clinical and professional supervision and will be regularly updated with respect to statutory training and a system will be put in place for monitoring compliance with this.

Our Teaching & Training Centre is a training, research and development resource for our staff supporting our service users. The Training Centre is an integral part of our organization and an icon of our commitment to our service users and staff. We support the development of a motivated competent workforce, from support staff to experienced managers and from a variety of services. By working in close collaboration with local and regional clinical services, we aim to improve the care of people we are entrusted with.


Healthcare is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our Service Users...
At Salverņ Healthcare, we are committed to help people with complex mental health issues and learning disability to gain control of their lives...